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Always available to address IT problems and questions, the Network Outsource Help Desk and Remote Services have your company’s network covered.

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REmote Service Engineers (RSE)

Network Outsource makes a full-time commitment to protect your network and keep it running at maximum efficiency. Our centralized staff of expert Remote Service Engineers (RSE) continuously monitors your network’s performance and security. This fully certified, knowledgeable team provides remote access support for every networked device in your organization. Monthly preventative remote maintenance services and 24/7 monitoring are performed to ensure the health of your network and keep your technology working for you.


Help Desk

We are dedicated to keeping your network running, but as is the case with any technology, problems do inevitably occur. When that happens, our help desk, staffed with friendly and knowledgeable technicians, is ready to step in as the first level of support to handle any issue and answer your questions. Our well-informed, professional team will work closely with you to resolve any problems occurring in your network.

To contact the Network Outsource Help Desk, call 516-488-5888 or e-mail